Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Enough Is Enough

Mogsie is definitely ignoring me. He's not been over this way for ages and I've just seen him on the garage roof trying to pretend he's just minding his business but he keeps on glancing over this way.

Enough is enough! This is stupid we were friends before all that business kicked off and I know it takes a time for things to settle down but really? I miss us sometimes just hanging out around each other and I want to talk to him about Foxy Lectar.

I decided to get right in his face, well as much in his face as I can be from across the road so I went up on the office window ledge and did a massive stretch. He was looking this way so I knew he could see me but when I turned back he was gone. Let's hope my blatant in your face actions give him some food for thought and he gets over himself and comes to make friends again.