Friday, 5 April 2013

A Sea Of Cats

What a welcome home M & R have just received. They must have been out somewhere don't know where but I noticed that something was happening after a very long and quiet day when I saw George run across the road.

He got half way across their lawn when the darker naughty Twin ran up to great him, most probably to tell George that they were back!.

I pocked my head up to see a sea of cats heading for M's front door. George and the darker naughty Twin were already there, Mogsie and Emma came running around from the back and then the lighter Naughty Twin and Sarah turned up.

Poor M & R they hardly had time to get the key in the lock or bag unpacked before the cats were calling out for food. In true loving style they made sure the cats were fed before they unpacked their car. Thank goodness they have those two looking out for them otherwise I don't know how much their stomachs may rumble.