Thursday 11 April 2013

Splendid Serendipity

Daddy is not too happy with me. I've been up in the office with him all morning but I think I've pushed my luck a little too far. OK when we're up here I know that he's there to work but it's also our time and I sometimes you just want what you want and I want to sit on his lap and get stroked.
I knew I was pushing mu luck when for the ninth time he removed me and put me on my chair but I really didn't care. The tenth time I pushed it too far though and his drink went all over him. Up he picked me and out I went.

Oh well I thought let me have a little look and see what's going on out the back. Splendid serendipity George was out the back in C's and as soon as he saw me on the bedroom window ledge he indicated to me to come down and join him. Now I just need to find a way to get past River downstairs without having to run for my life.