Sunday, 7 April 2013

Who'd Have Thought It, Miracles Do Happen!

Who'd have thought it, miracles do happen.

Daddy was sitting on the sofa watching some very interesting show on the TV about all the electricity in the world going out and everyone fighting for survival. It's not that I wanted to watch it even though it did seem a revolutionary idea I just fancied having a little sleep and rest on his lap.

I could see River was on Disappears lap next to him but I thought I'd chance it and see how the land lay. I slinked up to Disappears leg and got a good rub. River looked down but didn't make a sharp move so I jumped up on Stays legs and settled down.

After a little while Disappears went upstairs. I didn't take much notice of anyone I was enjoying myself too much just looking out the window, daddy and I sharing our warmth. Eventually it dawned on me, hang on River's been quiet and I turned around.

There she was cuddled up next to daddy right behind me. She must have been there for ages and hadn't once tried to sniff at me or anything so I turned around and said Hello.

She just blinked back. Happy days.