Tuesday 9 April 2013

With That He Was Off

As soon as the rain stops out every one comes. 

Sarah has been sitting under R's car not really looking over in this direction. I'm guessing George must have told her that I knew about her babies by now, she looked a little sheepish. There's no need to be it's not like I'm going to have a go at her I just want to offer her my support.

Then Spit came around the back and went right up to Sarah. She gave him a little cheek rub, very sweet. Just at that point Button went running over to them. How rude Spit pulled away from Sarah and went running off after him leaving the poor girl there all on her own!

Then the darker Naughty Twin ran by. I just managed to call out the open office window to him and he stopped and paused for a second, he was in a hurry I could tell.

Foxy's been around have you seen anything?

I haven't but I'll ask around.

With that he was off. I wanted to call back thanks for you time but I guess that would be a bit churlish.