Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ha Ha Ha Our Plan Worked

I've been working with River and ha ha ha our plan worked.

We were both awake early, it was the dawn chorus from the birds that did it and it's what gave me a clue as to what to do.

The birds like to wake up as soon as the sun rises as do I and so it seems so does River. The thing is it's nice to be awake early but what's the point unless you are getting attention from daddy so River and I decided to work together to get daddy up.

I was up but couldn't stir daddy and then I saw River awake just sitting on her bed playing with her pink fraggle toy. Now she's got the ability to make more noise that I have so I thought if I got her to join me in scuttling around the bedroom that our combined sound would wake him up. So I jumped right in front of her of course the temptation was too much and she came padding after me off to daddy's side of the bed I went and she followed.

Well as soon as she saw me right next to him she jumped up at him and daddy being unable to resist her pulled her up to give her a cuddle. She having lady times at the moment and it's making both the daddies even more protective of her and he just couldn't resist. River then moved on to stage two of the plan and proceeded to lick him until he was wide awake and came downstairs with us both.

Just what we wanted and as soon as he was settled we both decided we were tired and decided to go back to sleep. Cooperation is definitely the way to go and actually we made quiet a good team.