Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Stork Comes A Calling

I've just seen something I haven't ever seen before.

I was sitting in the office window with daddy looking out for any sign of movement in Catworld. I want to start early, asking the rest of the gang if they have heard or seen anything of Foxy over the past couple of days. So far no one has ventured outside but as I was sitting there just waiting something caught my eye and I looked up to see a Stork sitting on the roof opposite.

Wow they are massive about as big as an Eagle I recon. I've never seen one of them around here before. Stay daddy says they bring news of a new birth, maybe it's come to deliver some more babies although I'm not sure Catworld could cope with any more at the moment.

That reminds me I must also catch Sarah, I just can't understand why she didn't tell me she was pregnant.