Wednesday 10 April 2013

And Then She Ran Away

Sarah has finally surfaced.

She plonked herself down in the middle of the pathway opposite and when she spotted me trying to get her attention she waved at me.

I waved back and indicated to her to come over. It was the perfect opportunity for us to have a bit of a girly chat. I could also ask her how she was, fill her in on what has been going on with George and me and see if I could find out why she didn't confide in me that she was pregnant.

Her response, a small smile and a shaking no from her head and then she ran away. Maybe she's a little embarrassed or something but there's no real need to. I guess I'd better just leave her to deal with it in her own time I know it can be very hard sometimes to have those sort of difficult conversations. I really hope she doesn't feel bad about anything but there's nothing that I can say or do until she's ready to open up.

Maybe I'll put a poster in the window to let her know everything's cool between us.