Sunday 14 April 2013

The Long Sleep Is Over

Disappears Daddy just called out that he'd spotted Nadia, ah the long sleep is over!

He said the other day that he thought the she had somehow managed to get back behind the fridge but there's been no noises or sightings since and now all of a sudden she's appeared in the living room playing with the plugs.

Stay left her a few minutes to get her bearings and then went and got a great big bowl of water for her to have a bathe and a drink from. He does this once a week when she's awake, it's how she drinks. Tortoises have a different way to breathing and eating and drinking from the rest of us, their lungs are on their back and for her to be able drink she needs to be virtually submerged. I'd hate that being covered by water how awful, she seems to like it though.

Of course River wouldn't let her do that in peace, even though she's not feeling at her best at the moment she somehow still managed to get the energy together to go right up to her, lick her and then drink half Nadia's water herself. Oh fun and games to follow I can feel it in my stomach mind you at least it means she might give me a bit of a break and with Nadia back some sense of normality amongst all the madness returns.

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