Thursday, 25 April 2013

X Marked The Spot...

...and I landed right on it!

Oh what had I done?Before I'd jumped I had seen exactly where I wanted to land but my aim was off somewhat. A comfy and what I thought safe spot on the other side of this River was where I intended to go but something went wrong and I landed in a place I shouldn't have.

There was an almighty roar all around me and up I sprang not pausing for breath, running as fast as I could, not looking behind for fear of what I might find.

Down I went running ever faster, the roar fading in the distance but I wasn't going to stop until I had got right away from that place. Unintentionally I'd done some big damage, exactly what I didn't dare stop to see.

Finally I'd made it out into a clear space the sun shone down hot, but for the moment I was keeping well away and I panted, I could really do with a drink but I wasn't going to tempt anything by trying to find some water. 

I hoped that any damage I'd done could be fixed but I wasn't sure that was possible,  some things can't be fixed as if by magic. I decided it was best if I kept a low profile for the meantime and wait until the coast was clear. I knew I'd have to go back to see what I'd left behind but now really wasn't the best time, I'd wait until things calmed down.