Friday, 12 April 2013


Disappears is home today, it's a Friday and this is very unusual. Stay still got up at the normal time and I joined him in the office as he was working away.
I saw George on the other side of the road looking up here so I decided to go downstairs to see him but just as I got there the Daddymummy turned up. Ah that explains why daddy is home today.

It's always lovely to see her and today she brought River a new jumper. I must admit she looks very smart in it although I am a bit jealous, it's the same colour as my eyes.

For a while everything was OK with her getting herself all excited about her new outfit but then she spotted me. Damn I thought I'd got away with that one. Actually I kinda of did as when she jumped up to chase me she slipped and got her arm caught and it all ended up like a straight-jacket. 

Oh the fun I can have now, thanks Daddymummy!

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