Monday, 3 December 2012

Something They Didn't Think About

Ah so that's something they didn't think about. My morning ritual.

So today both the daddies woke up early. Disappears went downstairs with River. I could hear them outside having a little run around. Stay stayed in bed with me and I got a very early morning cuddle. So far, so good.

Disappears came back upstairs with her and she settled back in bed again and he had a bathe while my cuddle continues. Extra time, not complaining.

Stay got in the bath while Disappears went downstairs again, taking the little dog with him. I joined Stay in the bathroom and we had a little chat. Three in a row.

Then we both suddenly realised. What's going to happen when I go downstairs to have my morning ritual stroke? I can't, River was down there jumping around I could hear her.

A quick solution was required. My eyes went big and I called out to Stay. He stayed with me for a bit giving me my stroke upstairs. Um well OK I guess I can compromise a little if all the other extras I got this morning are going to become my new daily ritual. I don't know how daddy will cope not getting my leg taps though, I know he loves them. Still I guess we're all having to adapt.

They've gone out now, Rivers downstairs and I'm going back to bed..