Saturday 8 December 2012

She's A Nosey Cat

Some of the cats around here really are so nosey.

Ever since River came here Disappears daddy is always getting up really to go outside and play with her.  If it tires her out and she leaves me to have my morning in peace I'm all for it. In any instance it means I still get some time first thing alone with Stays.

This morning as he ran up and down the garden in the freezing cold like a whirling dervish I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin on the shed roof watching.

The entire time that they were out there, and it was some time, she kept on trying to get a closer view. Her head flicking back and forth for a clearer view and her face demonstrating that she seems to have no idea what was going on but trying to work it out.

Still I suppose I do do a lot of window watching myself so I can't really criticise. Did make me laugh though, I felt like shouting out pull up a deckchair.