Tuesday 18 December 2012


Oh dear Stay daddy is acting all astonished again.

He's been out with River for a while. I was in the window when he came back. Damn one disadvantage of this seat, no escape.

So after getting River's coat off he sits me down to stroke me and tell me his tale.

He put his car in to the garage yesterday for it's MOT. He said it failed on a little bit of welding needed doing and two bulbs gone out. So far so good apparently not at all unexpected.

Then he tells me one of the tires on the front wheel was a slightly wrong size.

He told me he told the people in the garage that he was surprised because they were the ones who had fitted it last year so that it could pass it's MOT.

They asked if he had changed it. He said no. They checked their system. Computer said Yes. It was them who had done it.

I just nodded. I'd heard all this twice yesterday. Once when he told me and once when he told Disappears.

Well he took it back up their first thing this morning to get it fixed.

Welding done, certificate produced, then;

The man said that they had put a brand new tire on it at no cost to him as it was their fault last year.

As daddy said, of course no brownie points for that.

Then, and this is the part that's astonished him, he could have the two bulbs and the fitting on them free as an apology.

Daddy said he just looked at him, then opened his mouth;

You mean the two bulbs that I brought and fitted myself yesterday?

He said all he got was a blank look. Don't think he'll be going back their again.