Wednesday 5 December 2012

When Magic Appears

It's snowing!

It's always a time of great excitement in this house when it snows' we all love it. Disappears daddy likes to stay in and watch it all warm and snugly and I must admit I tend to be an advocate of that option. I do however sometimes venture out in it to have a look around. The trouble is when it snows so deep I have to leap everywhere to make any headway and although that does keep me warm, all that exercise, it's exhausting.

Stay daddy however gets himself all dressed up like a gnome and is right out in it which is a surprise as he hates the cold. WHS told me that even when they went on holiday to the sun he  put a cardigan on, on the beach. Bizarre.

Now a lot of people think that snow is all about weather patterns and the like which is simply not the case. In Catworld it has an entirely different meaning.

We all know that that this is the time that magic appears.

I can't wait to see what it's going to bring up this time. I shall sit here a while and ponder.

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