Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Hot Spots

I'm beginning to see a way that this could work out.

A full un-disturbed nights sleep always helps with the thinking process. The key being un-disturbed. Twevor stayed in with his mummy which is usual. He only came out when Disappears took River outside. Then he came bounding out of his room and joined her in the frost but it suddenly hit me.

There are places in this house with River isn't allowed to or can't go to. My safe havens are anywhere above ground. He's banned from going in the kitchen, so that's a hot spot for me. Our office is also out of bounds so completely my territory. The daddies put a barrier than I can easily jump over at the bedroom door at night and so after they've gone to bed I've got complete free reign of the house. Well that's for at least a third of the day. And anywhere upstairs when River is downstairs because he can't climb the stairs yet, well that's from dawn to dusk. Yes this is beginning to work out OK.

Meanwhile I think I'll have a Sunday morning lie in now everyone's up. May as well endulge myself.

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