Sunday 23 December 2012

She Put Her Nose Up To The Window

OMG the lighter Naughty Twin has just been so so nosey.

I spotted her looking in from the back shed but she didn't see me. After checking the coast was clear she jumped down from the fence into our garden.

I moved towards the back of the house and carried on silently watching her. She ran across the garden having a little look behind her to check she wasn't being followed and ran up to the back door.

She looked in through the back door window!

She didn't push it too much but her nose did knock it.

She put her nose up to the window!

She seemed to think better of it and retreated onto the green seat for a few minutes. By the look of her face she was still considering whether to make a surprise entrance attack or not.

She decided not to and backed of running around up by the Peace Garden. Cheeky or what!