Monday, 10 December 2012

Pushing The Boundries

Well that's that safe haven gone.

Stay came back in from taking Disappears out and after giving River a stroke and me some Dreamies went straight upstairs.

I could tell that she didn't want to be left down here as I saw her eyeing up the stairs. Now this could be interesting I thought so I just sat there watching her as she decided to push her boundaries and attempt to climb the stairs for the first time.

She made the first one by leaping up like a rabbit, like she does. I guess the first one's always the hardest. She seems to be achieving new things every day it won't be long until there's a queue to get through my window in the back door.

After the first she managed another two before getting a bit frightened and just sat there calling out. They can be quite difficult they are very slippy. It took me ages to begin with the get used to them but luckily I've got the agility and grace of a cat so very quickly got them under my belt.

It must have pooped her out as she's now getting some rest on her blanket. I wonder what on earth is next for her and me!

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