Friday 21 December 2012

Celebrate The Sun

It was that sun that was making it happen!

The lighter Naughty Twin has been everywhere this morning investigating all these pockets of steam coming from places. I worked it out when she started looking at the steam coming from the side of Twuzzle and Mogsie's house. I knew that was because cold air and hot air were meeting. That's what produces steam. It must be the same with the shed and the sun. It must have been cold during the night and then when the sun hit it it made steam. Strange that I've not seen that before,

The lighter Naughty Twin saw George and called him over to have a look. I guess he knew the answer straight away as he walked right up to the spot. Looked at it and then walked around the back for his breakfast.

Wow another mystery solved and it's true the Sun really does need celebrating it's marvellous what it does.