Wednesday 26 December 2012

We Just Had A Moment

I've just come down from upstairs. 
Stay was laying on the sofa with River on his chest, their faces touching. It looked very sweet and I wasn't jealous in the slightest.

I've become very found of her. Her heart seems in the right place even if she is a bit exuberant at times.

I saw them late last night. She climbed over his head from Disappears lap and laid her face next to daddies face and then gently bit his ear. I understood at that moment, I've felt just the same. It made me warm to her to keep my tolerance in check. My issue not hers. My remeber this when she next starts barking at me.

So anyway I jumped up on the sofa arm and daddy stroked me to almost delirium. River didn't move just opened her eyes and watched me. 

When I'd had enough I went over to nannies chair and we all just sat there looking at each other, the sun finally bursting through after all yesterdays rain.

As the cloud came again and the sunbeam went away we both said hello and I went on my way. Dreamies I spot on the table but we just had a moment.