Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's To Time Get To Know

It's time to get to know what River is all about.

You see the daddies are very insistent that although things are changing, that it affects me as little as possible. They are equally insistent that River should let me come forward in my time.
They are also insistent that she is an equal member of the family and is the baby of the group. She must be treated with arms of love and that includes from me. She needs looking after and welcoming and although they understand it's a change for both of us they won't tolerate any trouble coming from either side.

Fair enough. I get it.

OK so maybe now I'm ready to understand her and get to know her a little bit better, that time's come.

So down I went.

River was on stay daddies lap resting so I sat the other side of him. We both were getting equal strokes and I just watched her and listened to my catty powers as Stay talked to us both softly and quietly. Daddy says she's a little bit of magic come into our lives. OK I'll go with that.

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