Saturday 22 December 2012

I Need To Wake Up Slowly In The Mornings

We've just had a spat River and I.

Stay daddy got up and came downstairs leaving Disappears to have a lay in. This is all very usual at the weekends. It's also the time that I get to spend alone with daddy. He's not working and we usually spend the first couple of hours on a Saturday together. I might get a special treat, I always get a stroke and a shoulder massage. Not this morning though oh no.

It all started as normal but just as I was getting settled there she came running and jumping up at me on daddies lap. He tried to stretch his arm so he could stroke both of us at the same time side but he doesn't have the arms of a gibbon so it wasn't possible.

I moved off and River followed. I know she was only excited and wanted to play but wagging your tail and looking at me cutely holds no sway when I'm loosing this bit of alone time.

I'm afraid I lashed out at her. I just wanted to be left alone. I know I shouldn't rise to her but I couldn't help myself. I gave up in the end, wherever I went she followed. I could hear Disappears calling out from his bed to River but she took no notice.

Stay said that neither of us should be anxious about each other and there must be no green eyes of jealousy. I don't feel I have I just wanted some peace time.

Oh what are we to do about all this exuberance first thing? I need to wake up slowly in the mornings.