Monday 10 December 2012

Mogsie And The Naughty Twin Have Fallen Out

Mogsie and the Naughty Twin appear to have fallen out.

I'd spotted the lighter Naughty Twin sitting on the shed which in itself isn't the unusual. It was when I spotted Mogsie come up behind him, keeping a bit of a distance that I realised something was up.

The Naughty Twin knew he was there he had a little look behind his shoulder at Mogsie and turned back keeping his back to him. He neither greeted him or even appeared to indicate that he knew he was there. After a couple of minutes, as I watched with curiosity, he slowly got up and jumped off the shed into one of the gardens at the back.

Mogsie walked over to where he was and just looked for a while before walking over our back wall towards The Swinging Heart of Love. I could see the lighter naughty Twin sitting way up the far end just watching him.

 Oh dear it must be something pretty bad for both of them to act in that way. I do hope someone comes by soon so I can find out what's happened. It really does appear that Mogsie is in her bad books.