Tuesday 4 December 2012

Oh Well If You Put It Like That

Daddy sat me down this morning and we had a little serious chat.

He asked  me now that I had gotten a little bit more used to River being here if I could be a little more friendly towards her. A bit warmer.

He said that she must be feeling pretty lonely as she was no longer living with her brother and sister and mummy and she must be missing them. It was up to us all to make her feel warm and comfy and safe and loved and he'd like that to include me. I had an extra special job to do.

Oh well if you put it like that. I guess it took me some getting used to being away from my birth family and I'm a resilient cat. She's just a dog and a little one at that.

Anyway point taken. Now that I'm a bit more used to her and can see that it's not disrupting my life too bad I'll take a closer look and try to get to know her better.