Friday 21 December 2012

9 Ladies Laughed Back

Disappears is out tonight so it's just River, Stay, Nadia and me. 
It's all warm and cosy inside. I think I overheard the daddies saying that from now Disappears is here for the next few weeks. Like that even more. So I guess it's a nice quiet night in for us. Or I should say it is now.

Stay quickly went out to get me and River some treats. I was watching out for him for when he came back. He spotted me in the window and just stood there looking and waving at me. He later told me he thought that I looked so beautiful that he just wanted to look at me.

At the same time a load of people were walking down the road, making merry. 

Oh the noise of it, all of them calling out. Daddy looked at me as he could see I was watching, 

It's OK he said. 

They must have heard something as 9 ladies laughed back. Well  maybe I'm pushing it at 9, maybe it was just 3 but they were making a lot of noise.