Wednesday 12 December 2012

I Thought I'd Seen A Ghost

OMG my adrenalines levels are all over the place. I just thought I'd seen a ghost.

Out the back on the back shed just where the darker Naughty Twin was earlier there appeared out of nowhere a completely black cat. I had to do a double take I thought it was Evie, it looked just like her. Doublay

As I sat staring at her she just stared back. No sound, not the slightest bit of movement. I'd never seen her around here before probably why it was such a shock to me.

After about 5 minutes of us just sitting there watching each other she slowly got up, walked along the back wall, past The Swinging Heart of Love, pausing at the edge of the Peace Garden turning she looked in my direction one last time before disappearing into Squirrel Tree.

The Wiseman said there would be more signs and I needed to watch out carefully I wonder if this was one? I must calm down it gave me a right shock.