Tuesday 25 December 2012

Hanging Out Together

The daddydaddy and daddymummy came over for a Christmas visit tonight.

One of the biggest advantages that I've come to realise with River being here is everyone that comes to visit her gives her a present and also gives me a bag or two of dreamies. I've got 5 bags in reserve at the moment.

Everyone open some of their presents. Alo has been given a new home which intrigued River. She spent ages going up to her to have a look.

It reminded me of the way that Charlie was with Nadia when she first came to live with us. He always loved curling up with her.

Both of them coming over also meant that River was distracted for most of the evening so I managed to get some fabulous alone time with daddy, in peace. I love Christmas, just time to hang out with those you love.

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