Thursday, 20 December 2012

8 Eyes Went Winking

Oh dear, we had a Christmas card tragedy here this afternoon.

River obviously decided she didn't want Stay daddy to post the remaining cards and decided it was a good idea to open them.

I cam down after the event had ocurred.

I saw daddy just bending down and picking up the pieces before throwing them all away. He didn't say anything apart from thank you River. I somehow don't think he meant it he didn't sound genuine.

When Disappears came in Stay showed him a picture of what had happened.

Oh dear.

Stay looked at Disappears, Disappears looked at River, River looked at Stay, Stay looked at me. Disappears was still looking at River, River looked back at him.

We all just blinked and winked at each other, no one speaking.

Can you image it all our 8 eyes just there winking and blinking at each other. What have things come to?

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