Sunday, 2 December 2012

Double Portions

Excellent double portions.

The daddies took River and Twevor out so that I could have a bit of alone time. Much appreciated I must say, very thoughtful. I mooched around for a bit before going to sleep in my chair in our office.

I woke up when they came back, another less than quiet entrance but at least it gave me pre-warning they were back. Twevor didn't stay long, just a quick goodbye and he was off.

The daddies kept on calling me with such a whinge in their voices that I decided OK I would go down and see them.

I even jumped up on daddies lap for a few minutes as he rested in the living room. I could see that River was fast asleep so I didn't concern myself much.

I was more interested in the chicken in my dish and the snaffling of the chicken in Rivers dish  to pay them much heed *giggles*