Friday 21 December 2012

In Olden Times

Stay daddy has just shown me a Christmas card that we've had from Twuzzle, Mogsie, Emma, M & R. I can see a pile that daddy has on the table here in amongst all this brica-a-brac that he's not delivered yet. I'm sure he's written a load from us. It's so nice to have friends around us here.

He had to show me it after River had finished because she went all hyper over it. She loves Christmas cards.

I keep on forgetting this is her first ever Christmas. This will be my 10th so I'm quiet used to it all now. Daddy said that Christmas has many meanings. It means a lot of different things to different people. The one I like the most is about the Sun. Daddy told me the story.

In olden times people used to worship the Sun. Not much has changed there, we're all sun lovers here. Nadia's a speed demon whenever she gets a glimpse of it.

When Autumn comes the sun starts spending less time shinning on us and by the time we get to today it's on us for the smallest amount of time that it will be during the year.

The sun, daddy said, on this day doesn't go any further away but stands still getting ready to move forward again and for us to get more daylight. Apparently it stays in that standing position for three days before starting to move forward again on December 25th.

So that's why Christmas day is also a really old festival. One to welcome that the sun is returning.

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