Wednesday 19 December 2012

It Descended Into Chaos

Well the meeting. It descended into chaos.

I could hear daddy talking to River downstairs. When I say downstairs... I mean I was sitting on the stairs listening so from just a few feet away really..

He was telling River that she needed to stop jumping up at me. If she needed to use something  to teeth on then she needed to use her whole carrot or the biting rings.

She seems to be listening and taking it in and daddy appeared to have stopped so I went down and sat on the sofa arm. That's when it happened!

She spotted me. Well kidney table over, papers on floor, daddy jumping up, River jumping up. Oh dear. They tussled over daddys cardigan arm for a while whilst he tried to coax her down. I just sat and watched the lot. Nothing else I could do.

Not sure what the rest of the meeting was going to be about. Well at least I know the first bit.