Tuesday, 25 December 2012

That Was My 10th Christmas

We all slept together last night downstairs. 

It doesn't happen that much any more but when we lived in the city us three would do it all the time at the weekends. Get the duvets out on the living room floor camping down. It was lovely the night never seemed to end.

It's been ages since we last did it and it's the first time since River came to love with us. I think they do it so that we can all spend some special time together and they always love Christmas Eve. 
Surprisingly comfy nights sleep since here were the 4 of us all trying to get a corner of the bedding.

When the daddies woke up we were all up opening presents. River got a piece of rope thing and a necklace and I got some stringy thing with bells on the end. Thank you but the daddies know I don't really like playing with things like that and so generally fill me up with treats instead.

We then all settled down to watch some Christmas films. This mornings one was all about a man in a museum. Stay daddy really liked it because he told me that when he was a little boy that he lived in a museum. He didn't say whether everything came awake or not but I bet it did. He's got that sort of a glint in his eye when he talks about it. He sat me and River down before lunch telling us stories about it.

His reminiscing got me reminiscing about my other Christmases with the daddies. I can hardly believe that this is my tenth one here and the thirds in this house. 

I remember my first one where the colour scheme was green and red and everything was bows and very much OTT. I got spoilt rotten but never touched half the stuff. Evie was Queen back then but ruled with a gentle touch. We spent the whole morning opening gifts. Had lunch with nanny and then all sat down in the living room together all afternoon eating and chatting and watching TV. Not much changes.

We then all gorged ourselves on Turkey that Disappears cooked and sat down to watch some more TV and to look at some pictures in a book with Stay while Disappears played pull around with River. 

All very glamours these cats were in the book, all dressed up in their fineries. We tend to go more casual in this house as you would guess by the fact the daddies didn't have a bathe until it was the afternoon.

Ever since then the 4 of us have just been chilling out together. Watching TV with daddy is always an experience. He always gets excited when The Doctor comes to call and we've had an evening of comedy and high drama that seems to be making them happy. River's asleep next to Alo on the floor. I hope she had a lovely first Christmas.

Me well I'm just loving the peace and quiet drifting slowly to sleep on daddy, All day and no rows with River. My perfect Christmas.

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