Tuesday 18 December 2012

6 Swinging Santa's

Well back to the tree decoration counting for me I suppose. It's the best place in here at the moment up by the tree. I'm able to see everything that's going on but not be jumped up at or stared at constantly in wonderment by River.

My old favourites the Swinging Santa's from Hawaii seem to enjoying themselves this year. There's 6 swinging Santa's on the tree this year, one must be missing somewhere.

The daddies got them a few years ago. Not exactly very appropriately dressed in board shots and the like but I suppose the people from Hawaii do have better weather than us at this time of the year. I suppose Santa is appropriately dressed for over there.

My own favourite is the one who sits on a turtle. It looks a little bit like Nadia to me but obviously can't be because she's too small to have a Santa on her back. It would crush her paper thin.

Even though it's Winter I really must get out more.