Sunday, 9 December 2012

She Jumped To My Defence

Another day and more of the same it appears.
Daddy had taken River out for her early morning run around the back garden and today I decided to join them.

I've been needing a bit of grass so was having a chew while they ran about up the back. 

Out of nowhere the lighter Naughty Twin popped up. She seems fascinated with River playing and watched her for ages from the shed roof. When she couldn't get a good enough sighting she moved position to get a better view. She's so so nosey but it doesn't bother me much.

I must admit I wasn't paying River that much attention as she seemed to be being amused and I let me guard down. All of a sudden up from behind me I felt a rush of wind as River tried to jump up at me. I know she only wants to play but I had to put her back in her place and hissed in no uncertain terms, leave me alone. You should never approach a cat from behind it'll be at your cost.

Naughty Twin saw all this and began to rush to my defence which I thought was sweet. When she saw what was happening she jumped into the garden and started to approach. As soon as she saw I had it under control she backed of. I think some of Mogsies mentoring has definitely been paying of.  I think I spot a successor.