Monday 3 December 2012

The Verdict Is In

I slept all afternoon, if only I hadn't it would have saved me so much trouble later on.

I woke up to the sound of daddy running in and banging doors shouting out that he was nearly wetting himself. Thanks for the update but it did give me the start that I needed.  Looking out the window I could see it was getting on in the day.

Cat Councils would never usually last that long, it must be over.

I quickly ran downstairs. I've been waiting for days for this and the ramifications for me could be massive. I needed to know the verdict.

Luckily daddy had got himself all hot when he was out and the window was open and I could peer out.

The lighter Naughty Twin walked by after a couple of minutes and I called out to him asking what the verdict was.

It's a dog.

It's a dog! That's the pearl of wisdom that had been arrived at by holding a full session?Give me a break. Sherlock must be turning and yes I do know who he is. I'm well read.

This was obviously not the verdict I've been waiting for. He obviously hadn't been paying full attention. So I must now wait for the next delegate to come by.

George did but not for ages and by then the window was shut.

It took me so long to get his attention that he was half way down his path before he noticed me. Again I asked what the verdict was.

She can stay. On trial though, better behave.

Well at least we're in agreement there then.