Monday 31 December 2012

The Tale Of Two - The Forest Is Entered

And so they went, they both stood proud, they both stood out from of the crowd
The First looked up a violent cloud, above the forest, a darkened shroud
This was his task the end he vowed was now insight so on he ploughed
A boom above it cracked so loud it scared him much his head it bowed

Mary-Anne too bent her head, the path ahead she did not dread
Her part to play it had been read, importantly for her to thread
It all went back when ancestors fled the battle with so many dead
Her task to play it had been said to help The First and end the spread

Of evilness throughout the land laid out by a tempting hand
 The curse had been so slyly planned so powerful it should be banned
Around the land the curse had fanned entwined in every strand of sand
Now was the time for them to band, together like the strongest brand

Here she’d waited for her time, she now stood up her time to shine
The bells they toll the bells the chime, the bells sang out in glory rhyme
Mary-Anne now in her prime a hill ahead she now would clime
The evil curse was like some slime spoiling worlds, such a crime

Shall we go? The First did say, Oh yes we’ve still got quite a way
To go until we reach the day, the curse is dealt with and we slay
From our route we must not sway although tempted along the way
This path is leads to Dragons Bay and then a choice, a laden tray

The laden tray of much they say, what does this mean explain I pray?
Of this I’ve heard of since the day, what’s on the tray that I must sleigh
The thought of running right away from such a choice it’s weight does weigh
But I don’t understand the way, that I will know what way to sway

The laden tray will break the curse, if in your thoughts you do traverse
The things upon it are diverse, watch for the hag she will coerce
Watch her words they will be terse just free your mind, things in reverse
You must look close, you must converse then make a choice it will disperse

There’s something on her tray to choose, something that can lift our blues
But you must look for all the clues, your journey’s colours, your journeys hues
However  the Hag she likes to amuse herself by giving twisted views
You must be careful and peruse or she will win and we all will lose.