Thursday, 17 July 2014

George Is Awake!

He's awake, George is awake!

I've been out in the Peace Garden all night, sitting, waiting for some communication to come from LUM but sadly nothing and I must have phased out as I didn't even realise that George had moved from the garage until I popped indoors for a bit of a break and joined Daddy in his office, that's when I saw George sitting over the road under a bush on Tiny's lawn.

Doubley saw him and walked over to keep an eye on him, he noticed me and nodded over that he was keeping an eye on George and not to worry.

Thank goodness, I was beginning to get very worried about him and although he still appears to be very sluggish I saw his eyes were back to normal. Whether he's possession is going to come back or not I cannot tell but for the moment our George is back!