Sunday, 27 July 2014

For Goodness Sake, WAKE UP!

Sarah was in a right old state and as much as I wanted to try and calm her there was no time, we needed to think and act fast, it was more important than ever before that we got people to remember, we needed to get so much set up in such a short space of time or all would be lost.

I sent Sarah off to find Ginger Cat and see if he could help us, he was a good friend to Catworld and I hoped above all hope that he could help us. It would also keep her active, good in such situations, while I sat and thought what to do next.

I wasn't ready for all this I did have a plan, that was true, but it had only got as far as speaking to George and Sarah about it so we could iron out the details, so far all I had was we needed to get everyone to start remembering who they were, who they really were, I didn't have the foggiest idea how.

Both the Naughty Twins walked by and out of desperation I shouted at them. 

For goodness sake, wake up, just WAKE UP!

The darker Naughty twin looked at me like I was mad, and in a way I think I was, his sister just carried on eating some grass taking no notice.

Do you not realise what is happening, you're moving, your house is beginning to move?

He looked at me blinked and opened his mouth;