Saturday, 26 July 2014

At A Rapid Rate

Summer is well and truly here and so is the curse.

The lighter Naughty Twin happily strolling across the lawn enjoying the sun beating down on her back suddenly made everything very clear to me, crystal clear, cats are forgetting things at a rapid rate.

No one's even mentioned Emma's trance, like it's just not happened. The darker Naughty Twin hurts his leg and can't remember how or when, Mogsie the one who is usually at the forefront of any action just seems to enjoy his day lazing around laughing and Doublay doesn't even remember meeting me. I thought at first maybe everyone was just so happy that our Queen has returned that they were not thinking of the consequences that came with her but it's moved on from that, people don't don't seem to be remembering things and what's important.

Luckily Sarah has also noticed people aren't acting in the manner you'd expect them to and according to her so has George. Neither of them have been a round for a few days, at least I've not seen them, and the thing is the more days go on the more people seem to be forgetting things, I need to act fast before it claims those that do still remember what's urgent and as our Queen has returned where is she?