Friday 11 July 2014

It Did All Look Suspicious

We may have made a pact with Chameleon but at this stage we really didn't want to spread the word too wide about what was going on and we were certainly the center of gossip. Sarah and Chameleon were huddled together looking over at us all chatting away, having a break and then coming back together again, I must admit it did all look suspicious.

I feel a bit guilty at leaving Sarah out of our conversations but the fewer people that knew what was going on at the moment the better. We needed a plan and decided to have a break for a couple of days to think about what our next move would be. I said I would keep pretty much 24 hour watch up in the Peace Garden to see if LUM spoke again and the lighter Naughty Twin said she would keep on coming over at regualr intervals so that she could report back to everyone else.

Chameleon couldn't be trusted, we knew that, even if we needed his and Foxy Lectars help in preventing the move of half of us going ahead and we needed to keep our heads low for a bit so it seemed the best thing to do in the circumstances.

It was all still a mystery as to what had happened to Flash and Tiger hadn't been spotted for ages either and I hoped that maybe Sarah was trying to find out what had happened, but at the moment we had more pressing matters to think about.