Sunday, 27 July 2014

Think Of Your Problem To Find Your Solution

Enough was enough, I just couldn't cope with all this on my own anymore and decided there was only one thing for it, a trip to see The Wiseman.
I waited until things were calm, the Daddymummy had come to visit and as usual River went mad so I thought it was the best chance for me to be able to consult with him without any unexpected interruptions.

As normal I sat in front of him and relaxed myself to prepare myself to tune in.
Ah Lil', so you come to see yourself.

Hello Wiseman, I have come for your help

There was a long pause.

I'm always here to help you Lil' never forget that. I can see you have much on your mind, trying times.

Yes Wiseman, very trying times indeed. I'm so scared everything is changing and I should be elated because our beloved Queen has apparently returned although where she is I have no idea and her return comes with a price, with her she's brought her curse and now everyone seems to be forgetting and no caring about things and Emma is in a trance and the darker Naughty Twin has hurt herself and they've been affected all their lives with this curse and and and..

The more I continued the more worked up I could feel myself getting and the more my words just babbled out, it was a relief to be able to get everything off my chest to someone who I knew I could trust and had always been consistent and who I knew would put me on the right path. On and on I went, tears welling in my eyes.

I ran out of steam and I just sat there panting waiting for The Wiseman to speak. Eventually he began;

Lil' with any problem there is always a solution.

I always believed that to be true but where things were at the moment I really couldn't see what it could be.

Look at the problem Lil' and you will find the solution for the solution is there hidden in plane site. Step back to see it and then apply it.

But Wiseman I've tried and I feel so alone.

You are not alone Lil'. You are never alone!

The Wiseman never lied and never put me on a wrong path so I must do what he said and step back to look at the problem.

Thank you Wiseman I will do that.

I stepped forward and kissed him gently on his cheek and just for a second, maybe in my mind, I thought I saw a loosening around his eyes and his mouth but as quick as I thought I saw it it was gone.

I turned and started to walk back inside when the Wiseman spoke again.


I turned back to look at him.


You may not see her but your Queen is back. Think of your problem to find your solution!