Saturday, 12 July 2014

Cats and Dogs Friends, Who Knew!

It's early and it's just Stay Daddy and me up, River and Disappears are having a lay in.

I say we're the only ones up, I mean from this house, the lighter Naughty Twin was also up and waiting for me on the front lawn. As much as I've been keeping pretty much constant watch up by LUM I do need the odd break, and came inside when I saw Daddy open the blinds and settled in the window, just near enough to be able to smell him. Yes I've got the sense of smell back too, there's been so many changes taking place for me this week, it's like waking up all over again.

Hello, the lighter Naughty Twin called out to me, luckily Daddy had opened the window so I was able to hear her easily, it's so good being able to communicate with her again, I have missed her.

Hello friend, I called back and we both smiled.

Any news?

Nah, none yet, I've been up there most of the week and nothing as of yet.

Would you like me to keep watch while you have a bit of a break?

Yes please but don't worry if you've got to go when River wakes up I know she likes to run around the garden first thing and you seem to hold a bit of a special place in her heart.

She holds a special place in mine to, she replied and ran off.

Funny who knew a dog could get under you skin like that. Cats and dogs, friends who knew!