Sunday, 20 July 2014

For Anything Now Is Possible!

News has spread and throughout Catworld the cats are gathering for  the extraordinary cat council meeting called. Participation is required as we've lots to talk about.

Mogsie, Sarah and the darker Naughty Twin were the first to settle relaxed and smiling, they were shortly joined by Doublay who strode across the road, a smile wider than a rainbow on his face.

I thought I'd wait a while until everyone has turned up, just in case LUM spoke.

The sun was beginning to shine out hot and Mogise, Sarah and Doublay moved out the back in the shade to join Twizzle and the darker Naughty Twin went off to find his sister, returning shortly with her and Chameleon.

I've no idea where Bella is, I've not seen her around for ages and George hasn't shown his face yet but I guess I can't wait any longer, it's time to talk to everyone for we have a great time to celebrate and a great worry to discuss for anything now is possible!