Monday 7 July 2014

Waiting For A Twitch Of Confirmation - I Could Have Danced The Rainbows With Happiness

George! GEORGE! Something just happened, they can see me!

I screamed out to George as he made his way across C's lawn towards us.

He turned to face the others, waiting for a twitch of confirmation.

The lighter Naughty Twin now sitting next to her sister nodded. George smiled.

I'm pleased for you Lil'.

I was too I could have danced the rainbows with happiness.

The darker Naughty Twin suddenly got up.

There's some things that have happened that I didn't do, when I should have done them, that have resulted in some terrible things happening.

I knew about what had happened to him and his sister, her and her brother, sister, sister, brother, brother, it was all so confusing and yet so obvious all at the same time and I wondered if anyone else had noticed what had always been happening with them and yet had been the consequence of something the darker Naughty Twin had only just done?

I looked to see if there was anything given away in other eyes but everyone was looking straight at the darker Naughty Twin for answers.

He looked at me and I could tell he was feeling right in that moment, when you have to tell someone something very important but potentially devastating and you just don't want to.

Everyone has a name! We haven't! Never wondered why?

OMG yes that was true, I'd always known them by lighter or darker Naughty Twin. I looked at Mogsie who had a slight furrow on his brow, yes it had just dawned on him to.

I'm sometimes a girl and sometimes a boy, as is my brother, or sometimes sister. Has anyone noticed that?

Doublay gasped, Mogsie stood on his feet, George's eye wept a little and the lighter Naughty Twin attempted a weak smile.

We've been infected with the curse, the curse that follows The Queen of Catkind. 

I was told by Troy Lamore something would happen if I didn't follow instructions to the letter and what karma, that the first people to be infected with the curse would be me, the one who caused it to happen in the first place! That's something I would be able to live with better if it wasn't for the fact that my sister is also infected and now it seems so is Emma.

The curse is here already and it's threatening all of Catkind and I'm scared, really scared.

George gasped slightly and moved closer to Mogsie. The cat-force was growing already, Doublay was moving closer to them both as the darker Naughty Twin continued.

I was scared, scared of speaking to Lil' when I could see her all the time, scared of questioning what I knew inside all of my life wasn't logical, I mean who constantly changes gender and no one gives a blind bit of notice? And now I'm scared of what will happen next.

Mogsie could see the darker Naughty Twin was struggling and stood up. I think you should tell us exactly what you was told by Troy Lamore so that we can start to piece some of this puzzle together!