Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Answers Just Couldn't Find A Route In My Mind

After yesterday's events with the Easter island Head my own heads been spinning nearly out of control.

LUM spoke to me and it was all beginning to make a weird kind of sense, it had all been foretold by Troy, in bits to George, and Doublay and the darker Naughty Twin. It was very clear the message that had been given, when LUM spoke she would be coming, we would be asked for help and The Queen of Catkind would be returning. That voice in The Lane of Bells that was calling out for my help was her, she had been trapped there for goodness knows how long and none of us ever knew, we just knew that Queen had been lost and now she is found.

I initially thought the best thing to do was to return to The Lane of Bells but George had been warned he couldn't return there a third time it would be too dangerous but how on earth could we rescue her?

All night I've been thinking about this, all night pacing up and down and the answers just couldn't find a route in my mind, there was only one thing for it. I needed to gather everyone together, yes that was right gather everyone together and then we could try and piece together the pieces.

I came downstairs when Stay Daddy started to stir it was then that I heard a calling from outside and jumped into the front window to see who was calling my name.

Lil', LIL'!

I looked out to see the darker Naughty Twin sitting there.

LIL' something terrible has happened.

What is it?

Lil' it's Emma. Emma has gone into a trance and I can't bring her out of it.


I was astounded, things were getting out of control.

I need to tell you something too, I said

LUM has spoken. The Queen of Catkind has called. She needs our help!

His mouth dropped open.

Our Queen has spoken?

Yes, I nodded. Now can you gather Doublay and George together and bring them back  here, we need to speak.

He nodded.

I'll go and search for them right away and then Lil', then I think it's time I told you about everything Troy Lamore told me.

Yes, I nodded again, yes I think that's exactly what you need to do!