Tuesday 15 July 2014

Digging In And Digging Up

Mogsie is not happy with Sarah. 

It's been another day where the sun is shining and everyone is trying their best to get some respite from the heat, laying around in the shade and finding the odd bit of cold floor to sit on to cool their hot little bodies. I've been sitting out the back and even though I don't have to find the shade anymore I must admit to enjoying sitting here under Squirrel Tree watching Craig go about his nut collecting business as I wait for LUM to speak.

Even though us cats and squirrels do get on, and always have, I never just sat and watched them, busy little animals that they are, running around, digging in and digging up full of boundless energy.

Anyway I decided to stretch my legs and came inside, that's when I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin, Sarah and Mogsie on the other side of the road and Mogsie is clearly not happy with Sarah, with them both sitting with their backs towards each other. I'm guessing it's because she's now seeing Chameleon but you can't dictate who someone can date even if you think they are trouble and let's be honest we did invite him in when we asked him to help us.

I knew we were opening a can of worms there but what else could we have done?