Sunday 20 July 2014

The Tale of Plumb

It’s true to say, not borne this way
My heart was happy, my skip was gay
But then one day I started to sway
And things went wrong, now I’m this way

I met the hag you seek that day
In front of her a laden tray
A tempting apply it did display
Amongst the fruit upon that tray

A wish I’ll grant to you today
The hag she spoke, I’m just that way
Tempting things upon my tray
A choice she said for you, just say

If you chose wisely from my tray
Your wish will run to your hearts lay
Now chose some fruit and don’t delay
She pulled me in with her display

My hearts desire she offered me
A tempting choice beneath a tree
To go and see what I could see
My hearts desire to cross the sea

An apple laid in front of me
A lemon to my eyes could see
Array of fruit in front choice down to me
Which one to choose , if I could see

So I stepped forward, full of glee
My hearts desire I could decree
Your fruit of choice so said a bee
Will change your life and set your free

I I stepped forward and choice the plumb
The choice was not a lucky one
Now you can see what I’ve become

If you choose make it not that one