Monday 7 July 2014

Can You See Me Now?

Mogsie stepped forward, as proud and strong as ever.
I've been so worried about him, it's been so long since we last just spoke and hung out together. Don't get me wrong, I'm very, very close to George now, events have raised our relationship to another level completely but there's always been something special between Mogsie and me.

I think the last time we were this close to each other was when he came to give his condolences not knowing I was watching him, or at least not showing any sign that he did and now here he was again a great big recognition smile all across his face especially for me.

I suddenly felt warm, not something I had felt for the past nearly six months, it wasn't just a feeling of warmth but my temperature really did raise and then all of a sudden the lighter Naughty Twin gasped.

Lil' I see you, just for a second but I saw you. 

i turned to face her and smiled, that warmth spread through me again.

Lil' you're flickering in and out like a beacon, I can see you smiling at me. I turned my head towards Doublay who was also smiling and then back towards the lighter Naughty Twin herself bathed in circle of golden sun and warm dandelions.
Doublay and then Mogsie began to purr in joy and Sarah who was over the other side of the road, not invited to this meeting looked up from her bathe and something in her eye told me she also could see me.

I turned towards the lighter Naughty Twin.  Can you see me now?

You come and go Lil' but yes I know where you are even when I can't see you.

I turned to Mogsie, I was so puzzled.

He smiled at me.


He then turned to look at the others.

I have a lot to tell you all but first we  must wait for George to arrive, I think we have a lot of catching up to do!