Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Chill Lil'

So I've been thinking maybe I need to speak to each person individually about the way they are acting, although I spoke to Sarah in a crowd it seemed to work with her.

The first that came around the lighter Naughty Twin happily whistling as she went about her business.

I called her over and asked how she was

Just dandy, Lil', everything in the world is great, can't you just smell the Summer everywhere.

Yes, well I could, but that really wasn't the point.

Do you not think we should be getting together and planning what to do next?

Yes! YES!

Oh thank goodness she wasn't lost to this severity of The Curse.

YES! We need to plan a great big party for our Queen when she comes by.

No that's not what I meant, I guess I would have to spell it out.

NO I mean about The Curse, don't you think everyone is acting strange considering?

She just turned to me and laughed.

Chill Lil'

And walked off laughing! This is more serious than I thought.