Sunday 6 July 2014

The Time Has Come

All day it's taken to track down George, that's what the darker Naughty Twin reported back when he came around just now. 
His sister came over with him and was enjoying having a little rub against the grass while we waited for Doublay and George to arrive.

 I didn't know what to say to him he still seemed really nervous in my company but he was ready to tell me all now he said so we just sat there in silence waiting.

Hello, said Doublay.

I'd gotten so lost in thought that I didn't see him turn up.

Hi, I said back. Do you know where George is?

He said he had a couple of things to do but would be over shortly.

Cool, I said. Do you know how Emma's doing?

She's still stuck in her trance, came a voice from the front of the garden.

We all turned to see Mogsie standing there.

I think I should be joining this meeting, I have a few things to say and that I need everyone to listen to. The time has come.

I was stunned Mogsie hadn't openly spoken to me since I came back, I wasn't even completely sure he could see me.

Hello, I said to him, I've missed you.

Mogsie just looked up.

The feeling's been mutual Lil'. A great big smile spread across his hansom face.